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Freckles are cute the little spots sprinkled over the bridge of the nose and cheeks, a result of prolonged sun exposure,

rather than spending hours on end risking your skin to further damage for a sun-kissed look, our freckle pen does it for you.

Faux Freck is driving its way into the beauty arena, a product developed by Sarah Jaber. This freckle pen gives the appearance of aesthetically glowing and dewy skin, offering a makeup-free look by applying faux freckles, a trending clean-girl aesthetic movement, the dying age of heavy foundation and contouring is finally making its way out.

With its easy-to-use precision tip, the application is as simple as tap and duplication, recommend applying layers of freckles to elevate the desired look.

Faux Freck has developed two shades to cater to warmer and cooler skin tones.

Shade #1 Sun sand- is ideal for those with light to medium skin tones with specific formulas for a natural appearance on the skin.

Shade #2 Moon Sand- ideal for those with medium to dark skin

This formula is the first of the range, also used to highlight existing blemishes.

Look for your safe sun-kissed shade.

Hot tip # Use a high SPF daily for protection against harsh UV rays

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