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Avoiding covering up your skin this warmer season may be a good idea.


Not only will your skin have time to rest and rejuvenate, but bare skin is also authentic, complementing how you look naturally.


Allow your skin to breathe.


With warmer weather approaching, we must keep our skin and self-hydrated. Foundation and other long-wear applications can cause massive irritation to the skin, with increased production of oils and dryness, redness, and congestion. Going makeup free is not necessarily a bad idea.


Exposing your skin to a bared environment, allowing it to adapt to new conditions, can do wonders for your skin long term.

A tip I always like to follow is cleansing, protecting, and hydrating. These three steps have helped me with my makeup-free skin journey for four years.


Daily Makeup can be harmful.


That’s right, makeup in excessive use can be damaging to the skin and skin barrier. The heavy reliance on cosmetic products contains chemicals that can set off or set irritations leaving skin looking painful and inflamed.


Being mindful of which products we use or even minimising the daily use of products can be beneficial.


Another tip I like to follow is to use all-natural or close-to-natural ingredient-based products as much as possible. For the most part, you may not see instant results, which is why consistency and patience are key! Your skin will thank you in the long run.


Your skin will stay looking younger.


Going makeup free will allow your natural skin cell cycle without the interference of cosmetic ingredients by allowing your skin to naturally shed its cycle, which is approximately every 28-40 days resulting in a brighter, more vibrant, and healthier-looking complexion.


Make-up-free long-term, your skin will adjust, balancing out your skin’s natural oil production and giving the appearance of healthier, hydrated, and younger-looking skin.


A tip I always follow is having a realistic and achievable skincare routine; it doesn’t have to be complicated; layering your skincare is always a good idea, and always finish off using a high SPF, rain, hail, or shine


Cosmetic Brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria.


Without the use of proper hygiene, this causes bacteria to sore! Which is extremely bad for the skin barrier. If you are susceptible to large pores, the risk of breakouts is higher; with the use of daily makeup brushes that collect dust and other airborne pollutions mixed in with foundation and other cosmetics, it’s essential to keep them clean regularly to avoid unnecessary skin irritations particularly if you have sensitive skin.


Another tip I like to follow is if and when I apply cosmetics, and I use my hands for the base. It gives me an even look without the brush marks and sets in a lot nicer. Try this tip next time when applying your makeup (make sure you wash your hands before and after).


You don’t need it.


Believe it or not, you can look good without makeup. The belief that women need it to look presentable is so overrated, not to mention how costly and time-consuming it can be.


Imagine we all had the confidence to walk out of the house, not worrying about how we looked; that would be ideal for all of us. Once I found the courage to go makeup free, it felt highly liberating. I stopped caring about all my imperfections, instead embracing them.


You can do the same




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