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Here are my top 5 reasons why I’ve stopped wearing daily foundation.

1. Improved skin health, 

Daily foundation wear can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and premature aging; since I've stopped wearing foundation, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall skin health. 

2. Save so much time! 

Wearing foundation requires a certain amount of time and effort. Since becoming a mum of three, I'm limited to putting myself together promptly. By eliminating this process from my routine, I've had a few extra mins, if not up to an hour to prioritise other things.

3. More comfortable.

Foundation can feel heavy and uncomfortable. Because of my oily skin, I always looked like I was sweating. I had to reset my TZ with powder constantly. Then I would get breakouts. Since giving up the foundation, I feel much lighter and more comfortable in my skin.

4. Embrace natural beauty. 

For years I believed I could never look good without makeup; it affected me immensely! Then when I realised it was all in my head, I built up the confidence to go foundation free. I couldn't imagine I am wearing daily makeup like that ever again! I'm embracing my skin, and it's the best it is ever looked

5. More Affordable. 

Foundation can be expensive, especially if you're buying high-end brands. The money I used to spend on makeup is now heavily invested in good skin care and skin products. With consistent routine and proper care, the pros outweigh the cons of not wearing daily foundation; improved skin health, time-saving, comfort, embracing natural beauty and saving money are my driving reasons. If you’re looking for a more natural skin look, consider giving up the foundation and embracing your natural beauty, its something I'm grateful for I hope it can be for you.

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