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About us

 Welcome to Faux Freck! 


Capture attention instantly. Elevate your look with our faux freckles, making your first impression one to remember.


My name is Sarah, and I believe beauty should reflect our unique selves, emphasising our natural features while allowing creativity to shine.

As a summer babe and at the heart of my beauty philosophy lies a special affection for faux freckles—a trend that has captured my heart and transformed how I perceive beauty. Im so excited to share this product with you all, from my heart I hope you love it the way I do x

Our Aim for people to embrace their unique beauty effortlessly and safely. We exist to provide a budget-friendly solution through our faux freckle pens while promoting sun-smart practices. 

Our Vision for our freckled beauties feel confident in their skin, celebrating their distinct features. We aspire to become the go-to brand for that sun-kissed radiance without the risk of sun exposure.

Our Brand is not about makeup; it is about encouraging simple and sun-smart beauty. We are passionate about redefining beauty standards and allowing people to look like themselves in a world where everyone looks the same.


We know you’ll make this look good x 


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